You Just Hit the Snackpot!

Are you the can’t-stop-won’t-stop kind of snacker who runs out of your favorites on the reg? Well fear not, hungry human. Made In Nature has exactly what you need: new Supersnack Subscriptions!

This has been a long time coming for my beloved client, and I was honored to help bring it all to life. Made possible in part by what I believe is one my best headlines ever, our ‘Hit the Snackpot’ campaign is now live and taking names. Subscribers save 10% on every order — not just the first one — and get free shipping on anything over $25. Ka-freaking-ching.

So, how does it work? Glad you asked. It’s SUPER easy. (Get it? Because “Supersnacks”? You get it.) Just shop to your cravings’ content at and follow the simple instructions below. I’d say that a subscription to the organic motherlode the best thing since sliced bread, but even the loveliest loaves have nothing on this. Happy snacking, ya’ll.

Design credit: Urban Canvas

Driven By What’s Out There

Pedal, meet metal. It’s been a great past year working with Getaround, and they never fail to rev me up with exciting new projects and promotions. Take this email for example. In an effort to promote peer-to-peer car-sharing for more unconventional uses (not just running errands, for example), Getaround asked me to help craft an email campaign that encouraged drivers to rent for road trips to National Parks.

This innovative brand commands a big personality that’s full of wit and plenty of puns. For that reason and about 117 more, it’s no surprise Getaround is gaining traction all across America. They’re based in San Francisco, but have cars to rent from coast to coast. Want to hit up Yellowstone in a roomy crossover? Done. Ready to hit the road to Glacier in a mountain-hugging Jeep? You got it. How about cruising to Joshua Tree in a sexy-ass convertible? Getaround can hook that up too.

Big thanks to designer and creative mastermind Chad Morgan for connecting me with this fast accelerating client, and to Stella for being such a pleasure to work with over there. Oh! And btw, Getaround recently pulled into my home city of Boulder, Colorado. So, get ready, friends. I might be rolling up in a Lambo before you finish reading this sentence.

Big Wins on Social

If you know me at all, you probably know that I’m not big into social media. It’s just not my thing. I do LinkedIn because it’s a great place to convince my clients to say super nice things about me via written endorsements (wink, nudge), but beyond that, I’m out.

Now, before you jump down my virtual throat, I should say that I 100% acknowledge and appreciate the potential of social media to do great things for humanity and for brands. I have no qualms working on ideas that will end up splashed all over Insta, Facebook and Twitter, and I love watching my clients connect with fans by the thousands.

So, in support of some recent social buzz, I thought I’d give a nod to a couple of my client brands who are doing great work on these modern channels: Bundle Organics and Love Grown.



Congrats to the entire team at Bundle Organics and 1908 Brands for the recent recognition of our Lemon Ginger Fizzy Drink as a Baby Maternity Magazine Top Choice for 2019. This particular product is one of Bundle co-founder and celebrity influencer Whitney Port’s personal favorites: “Inspired by Whitney’s cravings for ginger ale during her pregnancy, this refreshing fizzy drink serves up bright, bubbly effervescence without the downsides of soda. It’s crisp, clean and delightfully hydrating.” (Bundle website copy)



And mad props to the passionate and protein-powered Love Grown team for their upcoming rebrand (announced by our brilliant client Dagny on LinkedIn last week). I was honored to partner with design guru Faven Creative to create a new positioning, tagline, tone of voice and to write all the new packaging copy for this growing breakfast brand. Keep your eyes peeled for our epic milk waves appearing on store shelves VERY soon, and there’s more to come on this exciting project once it’s live. #GrowingBetterBiteByBite

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