Face It. Facebook’s Here To Stay.

I’m just gonna come out and say it: Facebook is a gosh darn golden child. Its mother is invention and its father is probably some deadbeat whose absence has inspired Facebook to be the man that it is today—a man with some serious balls.

So why, oh why am I bringing this up right now? Because yesterday I was discussing the importance to social media to a client, and they actually seemed suspicious of its reach. Really? Seriously? Questioning Facebook?!? Blasphemy.

Social media is an ever-expanding segment of what I do every single day. And with nearly half a billion people accessing Facebook, and with it rivaling the all-mighty Google as a search engine tool, that means big opportunity to help clients make a huge impact on the online world.


April Haiku.

“Fo Shizzle”

Fo shizzle dizzle.
Dis chain is off da heezy.
Mos def, mo fo. Word.

PSRA Honors “Immunize For Good” Campaign

I am thrilled and humbled to announce that a campaign I created with my team at rabble+rouser has won an award from the Public Relations Society of America. The Colorado Children’s Immunization Coalition is one of the most wonderful clients I have ever had the pleasure to work with and I am overwhelmed with joy that this work is being recognized in such a prestigious setting.

PSRA’s site announces, “The annual Gold Pick Awards honor the very best public relations campaigns and components, and those responsible for creating them.”

Take a gander at the full spectrum of work for this project in my portfolio under the title Immunize For Good.

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