Life Is Like a Box of Russell Stover Cremes On Sale For Half Price Every February 15.

Brands are, in one word, phenomena. Many of them are scarce and forgettable, but then there are the few that—through natural marketing selection—triumph forever in the minds and lifestyles of millions. From enough constant exposure and use, some brands have even become synonymous with the products they produce. You don’t make a photocopy. You make a Xerox. Nobody asks where the “clear tape” is. It’s the Scotch tape. You don’t blow your snot into tissues. It goes into a Kleenex. You get the idea.


The Strength of Ideas.

What is a big idea? What makes one larger than the next? And how can you tell when the one you’ve got has “it”? Check out this blog post I wrote about this issue on behalf of rabble+rouser.

Guest Lecture at University of Denver.

Last week I was given the opportunity to guest lecture at two undergraduate advertising classes at DU. Professor Greg Wagner (to me, “Wagz”) invited me to talk to his students about how I got into the ad biz, what it’s like, how agencies work, and show some of my work.

First of all, I’ll say that this whole experience didn’t go on without a fair share of panic.

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