Uno. Dos. Delicious.

Hey, I get it. Sometimes hunger happens. Maybe you’re at work, flying from meeting to meeting, and just don’t have time to grab a bite. Maybe you’re at home, clicking from binge-watch to binge-watch, and simply can’t be bothered to walk to the kitchen. Or maybe (juuuuuust maybe) you’re driving home after a weekend away and realize that your pantry is as bare as your butt was that one time at Burning Man.

All three of these scenarios are real and far from infrequent. Hunger can sneak up on you when you least expect it, and it’s why I’m always fully equipped to Take. It. Down. with a freezer full of one of my favorite brands and clients: Tres Latin Foods. From their signature pupusas to quick-prep tamales and tomatillo salsas, every item is delicious, convenient and crafted with real, simple ingredients. Me gusta.

After a full packaging redesign a la Faven Creative (copy by me), I’m elated times three to now announce the launch of Tres’s new website, written by yours truly and designed/developed by Urban Canvas. We took a fresh swing at the content organization and user experience; laid into the updated brand look, feel and tone of voice; and made it as bright and colorful as the Latin regions that inspire each recipe.

So click on over to explore the new site, or better yet, head to your nearest grocery store to stock up on the goods. With Tres, you can celebrate your plate with three times the inspiration and humble your hunger with a full-on flavor beatdown. Uno, dos, DOWN WITH STOMACH GRUMBLES.

Foraging for Three Bears

Is it just me, or can you hardly swing cereal spoon without hitting a new brand of oatmilk these days? Seriously, I was just at the store and in just a few month’s time, this category has gone from zero to awesome with brands like Oat-ly, Planet Oat and even Quaker coming into the mix. And while Three Bears may not be in the milk case…yet (maybe I should talk to someone about that), this brand is bringing nutritious, delicious oats to pretty much every other part of your daily rations.

With four flavors of satisfying oat bars, four not-too-big-not-too-small oatmeal cups and six fruit-and-oat squeezies, Three Bears is as versatile as it is adorable. Kudos to Alicia Potter of Faven Creative on her masterful design work. It was an honor to lead the brand vision and copywriting for this bad boy, and an exciting treat to see them on-shelf at my local Safeway today. Growl on, 1908 Brands.














Welcome to Surreality.

With brilliance so blinding, it can be hard to hold the gaze of Salvador Dalí and René Magritte’s oracular works for more than a few minutes. But the longer you stare, the farther you fall into the depths of the subconscious. Like an impossible portal opening up to a blue sky abyss punctuated by pearly clouds, Magritte and Dalí will set your imagination free to accept impossibility and explore the immersive artistic dialogue shared by the two most recognized Surrealists of our era. What you think you see does not exist beyond the anti-existential environments they created. So, enter with your eyes and mind wide open—and for the love of avant-garde, try not to blink.

The Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida has done it again—this time, welcoming the works of fellow surrealist René Magritte as its latest temporary exhibition. With bowler hats, apples and a pipe (not really…smoking’s gross) to fuel our creativity, I created this advertising campaign with the design masters at Urban Canvas. The concept uses “Magrittian” themes and Dalí himself to eliminate the expected and create a striking, suggestive call to action for exhibition visitors.

In the Florida area? Don’t miss the exhibit, along with The Dalí’s extensive permanent collection. It’s definitely worth the trip, and Magritte & Dalí runs now through May 19.

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