Meet the Farmstead CBD Brand.

I came across VitaMia Hemp in a rather roundabout, non-buisness-related way. You see, my new cat Puffin (seen below) had terrible allergies and autoimmune issues that made him itchy all over with painful and unsightly skin reactions. After two traditional vets had “solved” the problem with steroids, steroids, steroids, I changed course with a vet boasting a more natural and nutrition-based approach. Dr. Fern recommended that I immediately change Puff’s diet (a decision that freed him of steroids in less than 2 weeks) and then add some CBD to the mix. Not just any CBD would do, though. She had a strong recommendation for where to find it: “There’s this couple who grows all their own hemp on their family farm up in Berthoud.” Local?! Family?! FARM?! Needless to say, I was sold, and I made the 40-minute drive that same afternoon.



After adding the VitaMia Hemp Pet Tincture to Puffin’s food for a few months, I saw noticeable improvement in his skin and coat. His fur is sooooooo soft, and I think the CBD also gave Puff’s raw, meat-only diet an extra boost. His true personality was finally able to come through—happy, vigorous and ready to explore the world at full speed. Sadly, my quiet, minimalist home was no longer the right place for this adventure-seeking feline, so he’s in a more fitting home now (sniff, sniff, wipe tear). But I have VitaMia in part to thank for helping me give Puffin his health back and get the chance to live a long and healthy life, naturally. No steroids required.

Anyway, now to the work part. After meeting John and Carina, the cool-as-kicks couple behind VitaMia Hemp, I mentioned that I thought their website could use some improvements and that I was the girl for the job. Before I knew it, we were kicking off a full website revamp and repositioning the brand with their epic point of difference: the farm.

VitaMia Hemp is now ‘The Farmstead CBD Brand,’ a hardworking Colorado company crafting ultra-premium full-spectrum hemp products for people, pets and the world. The new tagline, My Life. My Nature.™, is inspired by the brand name, which translates literally in Italian to “my life”.

It was a joy helping bring this growing brand into its own, and I am incredibly proud of the beautiful new website that we created together. So if you’re reading this and have even an ounce of interest in the polypharmaceutical benefits of full-spectrum hemp, take a look and read all about it at Oh, and don’t forget to enter the code Terptember15 through the end of this month for 15% off your order.

Get Your Film Fix at Altitude.

Last season, I thanked my lucky stars (and festival co-directors Jen and Michael Brody) for the chance to attend the Crested Butte Film Festival as a VIP. I’d worked closely with the Brodys months before to position their brand with a disruptive and transformative idea we all got pretty excited about: We Move You to Move the World.

Now in its second year under the new positioning, CBFF translated some of the copy I wrote into a brilliant visual advertisement for the festival, and I was elated to watch it no fewer than five times in a row. (Okay six, but who’s counting?) I also browsed this year’s lineup and have been cursing my travel schedule ever since for keeping me away this time around. From powerful documentaries and phenomenal features to thought-and-action-provoking shorts, there’s no shortage of winners just waiting to be watched.

The 2018 Crested Butte Film Festival is poised to make any film lover’s movie-going muscles tingle, and it’s all happening next weekend (September 27–30). So, if you want to escape to a world of raw mountain beauty and cinematic masterpieces, get your passes now and let the evocative experience begin. Local hint: All the theaters are within walking distance (take THAT, traffic), though cruiser bikes are clearly the way to go if you want to be “in” with the cool kids.

Gasp-worthy Grapes Are A’Growing.

Calling all fruit lovers, vineyard swooners and snackers with ‘grape expectations’. To the Concord crazies, the seedless fanatics and, heck, all the winos out there too. Allow me to introduce you to a brand-new brand of brand-new table grapes that’s bringing fresh shapes and tastes to this often forgotten fruit.

Bright Vines™, now appearing in produce aisles across the nation, are noticeably different breeds of grapes that will have you WOW!-ing all over the place. There’s “The Funny Yummy Grape” aka Sweet Sapphires® that are long like fingers and burst with sweet fruity flavor. Then there’s “The Juicy Burst Grape” aka Candy Dreams® that seriously taste like the love child of Welch’s grape jam and a juice-filled Gusher. There are also two more poppable crossbreeds that you’ll absolutely love to love. But before you start freaking out about what it took to grow them, rest assured: there’s no funny business here. All Bright Vines are all-natural, U.S.-grown and Non-GMO Project Verified. They’re just grapes meeting grapes to make new…well…grapes.

(photos from

Bunches of thanks to the Sterling-Rice Group for letting me name and help position this unique and vibrant produce brand. The name evokes imagery of shimmering, sun-lit lands and fruitful acres while the bold, poppy logo rounds things out to create a brand born to stand out in the boring world of the same old reds and greens. Pluck yeah, baby!

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