Oh, Rudi’s. You So Social.

05/08 2013

Thanks to Vermilion for bringing me on board, I’ve had a lot cooking (or baking, actually) in social media for both Rudi’s Organic and Rudi’s Gluten-Free Bakeries. It’s definitely worth a peek the next time you’re wasting work hours on Facebook updating your status or commenting on your friend’s baby pics.

Just click the graphics below, hit “Like” if you’re not already a bread-loving member of the Rudi’s communities, and check out the latest promos.

1) Rudi’s Organic Bakery: Seed, Sprout, Grow. 
(A social initiative that loans $5 to Kiva with every share)

2) Rudi’s Gluten-Free Bakery: Happy Camper Scholarships.
(Giving gluten-free kids a chance to live and eat freely at a no-gluten-allowed summer camp)