Japan In Haikus.

It’s my first day back at the ol’ laptop after two exhilarating-slash-exhausting weeks wanderlusting my way through Japan. It seems only appropriate to share the highlights via haiku, so in true Japanese fashion, get ready to count some syllables and away…we…go…

Mount Fuji summit
Climb all night for sunrise time
Breath taken, mind blown

Organized chaos
Screaming neon of Tokyo
Sea of flowing lives

Aisle of bamboo
A forest humming with height
Peace and crickets chirp

Walk the torii gates
Fushimi Inari Shrine
Thousands of steps blessed

Nara’s wild deer
Nipping my legs to be fed
Every welt: worth it

Pulsing Osaka
Back and forth in time we go
My heart is still there

Big thanks to all of my clients for putting up with me while I peaced out on this adventure. It’s good to be back tickling the iMac ivories, so hit me up and let’s get to work.

December Haiku.

“Wednesdays. My favorite day of the week.”
Warm meal and nice wine.
Modern Family. Happy
, too. Relax.

November Haiku.

“Wet Kitten”
I know that sounds wrong.
But my cat loves the shower.
Wet litter makes clay.

October Haiku.

A friend once told me…
‘Freelancers work half the day.’
But which 12 hours?

September Haiku.

Queso at Polvos.
Swimming at Hamilton Pool.
You done good, Texas.

August Haiku.

“Word Play”
He said, she said, who?
Didn’t know she knew he knew.
Who’s on first. What now?

July Haiku.

“The Duke and Duchess” (And yes, I do follow entertainment news. What’s it to you?)
Brit royals are here.
Paparazzi fireworks.
Happy July fourth.

June Haiku.

“A Bluegrass Weekend”
Mandolin and drums.
Move waistline to the bassline.
Feel the music, man.

May Haiku.

“I Hear You Up There”
Pigeons on the roof.
Doing lord-knows-what up there.
Do birds have karma?

April Haiku.

“Fo Shizzle”

Fo shizzle dizzle.
Dis chain is off da heezy.
Mos def, mo fo. Word.

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