Life Waits for No Fabric.

We all have our favorite activewear: that tee that fits just right, those capris that make your butt look slamming, that tank that may as well come with tickets to the gun show, etc. And when it comes to caring for those (often VERY expensive) fabrics and apparel, HEX knows best. This badass brand out of Baltimore just launched a new product that sounds a little counterintuitive at first, but once you try it, you’ll actually look forward to doing laundry. I know I do.

Introducing HEX Wet Dryer Sheets (yes, you read that right — WET dryer sheets). They’re the first and only option that’s safe for athletic clothes so you don’t waste time or skip wears waiting for them to air-dry. They’re basically like wet wipes, and they put traditional dryer sheets to shame because they don’t clog your workout wear with that waxy residue. Plus, the biodegradable, anti-static, anti-odor formula preserves fabric strength for many dries to come.

As always, I loved working with Karissa and the entire HEX Performance team to bring this baby to life with full packaging copy and some creative direction (designs by VMG Creative). Now it’s your turn to enjoy the fruits of our labor, so hop to shopping. The holidays are just around the corner, and the gift of static-free, better-smelling athletic wear is the gift that gives back to everyone — especially your gym buddies.

Power to the Pineapple.

Dole is big on pineapples. Like, obsessed with them, actually. And it just so happens that those pointy, pokey fruits are where this legendary brand got its start. It’s true, kids: Dole began with a single pineapple grove in Hawaii, and has now grown into an international cornucopia of fresh and frozen produce. Learn something new every day, right?

Anyway, powered by their passion for pineapple, Dole created a brand of 100% real fruit juices full of totally tempting tropical punch. They named it Jaya, and I was lucky enough to pitch in with the updated positioning and packaging copy with the unparalleled team at Sterling-Rice Group. We landed in a space of fierce flavor and live-life-to-the-fullest-ness, and my greatest compliments go out to the strategy and design teams. This baby looks gooooood, and the new look is starting to pop up online. So, pucker up and let’s get tropical!











An Equine Good Time

All those in favor of working with one of the coolest organizations on the planet, say naaaaaay.

I am honored to announce that EBB Copywriting + Creative has partnered up with the one and only Colorado Horse Rescue. This local nonprofit has one of the most passionate and hardworking teams I’ve ever collaborated with, and they work hard every day to create a better world for horses through adoption services, public education, top-notch care and rehabilitation.

(current logo and branding at entrance)

With approximately 60 horses on-site at any given time — minis and mares to stallions and show horses — Colorado Horse Rescue is one of the few rescues that accepts all types of horses at all stages in life. It’s not just about saving the most adoptable equines to this organization. It’s about saving as many horses as possible, and never judging those who are forced to re-home their beloved animals.

(new logo)

CHR recently went through a stunning visual rebrand, and now I’m galloping along with the brand positioning, tone of voice and copywriting.

I’ll keep you posted with updates on this inspiring client and the work we do together. And until then, check out the horses who are currently up for adoption, learn more about the Rescue’s LeadChange team-building program and make an appointment to stop by and meet the horses if you’re so inclined. I instantly connected with Fiona, pictured above, and am chomping at the bit to see her again on my next visit.

You Just Hit the Snackpot!

Are you the can’t-stop-won’t-stop kind of snacker who runs out of your favorites on the reg? Well fear not, hungry human. Made In Nature has exactly what you need: new Supersnack Subscriptions!

This has been a long time coming for my beloved client, and I was honored to help bring it all to life. Made possible in part by what I believe is one my best headlines ever, our ‘Hit the Snackpot’ campaign is now live and taking names. Subscribers save 10% on every order — not just the first one — and get free shipping on anything over $25. Ka-freaking-ching.

So, how does it work? Glad you asked. It’s SUPER easy. (Get it? Because “Supersnacks”? You get it.) Just shop to your cravings’ content at and follow the simple instructions below. I’d say that a subscription to the organic motherlode the best thing since sliced bread, but even the loveliest loaves have nothing on this. Happy snacking, ya’ll.

Design credit: Urban Canvas

Driven By What’s Out There

Pedal, meet metal. It’s been a great past year working with Getaround, and they never fail to rev me up with exciting new projects and promotions. Take this email for example. In an effort to promote peer-to-peer car-sharing for more unconventional uses (not just running errands, for example), Getaround asked me to help craft an email campaign that encouraged drivers to rent for road trips to National Parks.

This innovative brand commands a big personality that’s full of wit and plenty of puns. For that reason and about 117 more, it’s no surprise Getaround is gaining traction all across America. They’re based in San Francisco, but have cars to rent from coast to coast. Want to hit up Yellowstone in a roomy crossover? Done. Ready to hit the road to Glacier in a mountain-hugging Jeep? You got it. How about cruising to Joshua Tree in a sexy-ass convertible? Getaround can hook that up too.

Big thanks to designer and creative mastermind Chad Morgan for connecting me with this fast accelerating client, and to Stella for being such a pleasure to work with over there. Oh! And btw, Getaround recently pulled into my home city of Boulder, Colorado. So, get ready, friends. I might be rolling up in a Lambo before you finish reading this sentence.

Big Wins on Social

If you know me at all, you probably know that I’m not big into social media. It’s just not my thing. I do LinkedIn because it’s a great place to convince my clients to say super nice things about me via written endorsements (wink, nudge), but beyond that, I’m out.

Now, before you jump down my virtual throat, I should say that I 100% acknowledge and appreciate the potential of social media to do great things for humanity and for brands. I have no qualms working on ideas that will end up splashed all over Insta, Facebook and Twitter, and I love watching my clients connect with fans by the thousands.

So, in support of some recent social buzz, I thought I’d give a nod to a couple of my client brands who are doing great work on these modern channels: Bundle Organics and Love Grown.



Congrats to the entire team at Bundle Organics and 1908 Brands for the recent recognition of our Lemon Ginger Fizzy Drink as a Baby Maternity Magazine Top Choice for 2019. This particular product is one of Bundle co-founder and celebrity influencer Whitney Port’s personal favorites: “Inspired by Whitney’s cravings for ginger ale during her pregnancy, this refreshing fizzy drink serves up bright, bubbly effervescence without the downsides of soda. It’s crisp, clean and delightfully hydrating.” (Bundle website copy)



And mad props to the passionate and protein-powered Love Grown team for their upcoming rebrand (announced by our brilliant client Dagny on LinkedIn last week). I was honored to partner with design guru Faven Creative to create a new positioning, tagline, tone of voice and to write all the new packaging copy for this growing breakfast brand. Keep your eyes peeled for our epic milk waves appearing on store shelves VERY soon, and there’s more to come on this exciting project once it’s live. #GrowingBetterBiteByBite

Just a Few Newbies…

I have so much cooking at the moment that I couldn’t help but make this blog a threebie. Here’s what’s happening lately at EBB Copywriting + Creative.

1. Denver Museum of Nature and Science Extreme Sports Exhibit
What is an extreme sport if not an exercise in play? As adults, we learn how important it is to hold onto our sense of childlike wonder, and Extreme Sports tells the stories of extreme athletes who have done exactly that. I tapped into my own inner wild child to help Urban Canvas concept and write this campaign for DMNS‘s newest exhibit that opened just yesterday (through April 12, 2020).

2. Made In Nature Variety Promo
Asking Made In Nature to choose between their organic Supersnacks is like asking a parent to pick their favorite kid (though secretly they might like one better than the others, they’d never admit it). I teamed up with Urban Canvas once again to create this social and email promotion enticing customers to try everything this righteous snack brand has to offer. Use code VARIETY on the site to save 25% on EVERYTHING until midnight tonight.

3. Boulder Country Day School 2019 Gala Invitation
Boulder Country Day School…or Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? On October 19, they’ll be one and the same. I love helping BCD bring their awesomely over-the-top gala themes to life with language, and this year’s invitation really takes the cake (or bag of Every Flavour Beans). I mean, who wouldn’t want to transform “Dress Code” into “Uniforms Required” or request meal preferences with the line “Upon which beast will you feast?”

Japan In Haikus.

It’s my first day back at the ol’ laptop after two exhilarating-slash-exhausting weeks wanderlusting my way through Japan. It seems only appropriate to share the highlights via haiku, so in true Japanese fashion, get ready to count some syllables and away…we…go…

Mount Fuji summit
Climb all night for sunrise time
Breath taken, mind blown

Organized chaos
Screaming neon of Tokyo
Sea of flowing lives

Aisle of bamboo
A forest humming with height
Peace and crickets chirp

Walk the torii gates
Fushimi Inari Shrine
Thousands of steps blessed

Nara’s wild deer
Nipping my legs to be fed
Every welt: worth it

Pulsing Osaka
Back and forth in time we go
My heart is still there

Big thanks to all of my clients for putting up with me while I peaced out on this adventure. It’s good to be back tickling the iMac ivories, so hit me up and let’s get to work.

Where You From, You HEXy Thing?

Out with the old, in with the new HEX Performance laundry detergent bottles! That’s right, folks. Our sparkling new design is now on store shelves and online, and the rest of this makeover is mere months away. From Fabric Conditioner and Deodorizing Spray to their super-cool-new-dryer-product-you’ve-never-EVER-seen-before-and-I-can’t-wait-to-tell-you-about-but-it’s-a-secret-for-a-little-while-longer, HEX has everything you need to Clean Up Your Activewear™. It’s powered by science. It’s skin-friendly, planet-safe and biodegradable. And I use it on every single thing I wash because it gets the stink out yo stuff like crazy pants.

Check out this before-and-after — well, after-and-before if you want to be a stickler about it — and make sure to read all the rad new copy when you buy your own bottles. I wrote them with my own two hands.

NOW (sexy HEX):


THEN (a little too science-y):









It’s Snack-to-School Time.

As the kiddos head back to class, it’s time to shop for school supplies. Ask Made In Nature what’s required on their list, and I’d bet the $7.67 in my pocket they’ll say “organic Supersnacks.” They’ll also probably list a unicorn, rollerblades, scented stickers and one of those drugstore bouncy balls that’s too light to throw. (They like to have fun.)

(Banner ad design by Urban Canvas; creative direction and copy by me)

All the top students agree that nutrition is mandatory for A+ work, so head over to for snack-to-school savings (use code GET10) now through tomorrow. Also, you should totally sign up for their newsletter — cue the positive peer pressure here — so you never miss a sale. Or just head to your fave local retailer to grab some Supersnacks in real life. I found our latest craze, Veggie Pops, at my local Safeway store and somehow managed to contain myself to only three bags. In one sitting.

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