• Erin Beth Bosik Copywriting LLC: Various independent business and agencies
  • Associate Creative Director and Copywriter: rabble+rouser; Denver, CO
  • Copywriter: Sterling-Rice Group; Boulder, CO
  • Copywriter: Leo Burnett; Chicago, IL
  • Creative: Public New York; New York, NY


  • Experienced and reliable copywriter who is well versed (and really, really good at) creative concepting and content development for campaigns, packaging, websites, manifestos, tone of voice development, taglines and more
  • Highly skilled brand, product and program namer with experience working for massive global brands, small local startups and everything in between
  • Practiced brand workshop facilitator who brings beyond-agency-level creativity and service at a sub-agency-level price tag
  • Creatively-driven content strategist with a killer knack for organization—heck, even color coding—to ensure execution is a breeze for designers and developers
  • Brand positioning professional and enthusiast who has helped shape the strategic thinking behind some of the world’s most well-known brands
  • Stellar presenter


  • Language is my jam. I have excellent conceptual and communication skills and understand expectations flawlessly.
  • Efficiency. I do things fast, and I do ‘em right.
  • Responsiveness. Think creatives don’t get back to you fast enough? This one does.
  • Nice (enough) person. Or so I’ve been told.


  • Comedy. If you can’t laugh, a life of work could turn out to be a big bunch of hooey.
  • Music. I’ve been playing guitar since I was eight. Learning to fingerpick all of those songs I hated as a kid has never made me look cooler in front of my friends.
  • Triathlon and running. Whoever said 9-minute miles are slow never ran at altitude.
  • Fashion. There’s just something about a well-styled ensemble that says, “I care.” Agreed?
  • Animals dressed as humans.


  • University of Colorado at Boulder; Creative Advertising, School of Journalism and Mass Communication; Graduated with Honors and Distinction
  • Minor: Technology, Arts and Media Certificate, Graduated with Honors
  • Kappa Tau Alpha Journalism Honors Society
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