Silvernest: As Good As Gold.

Just because you’re getting on in years — I’m talking to you, empty nesters — doesn’t mean you’ve grown out of having a roommate. In fact, I could probably point you to about 25 studies that show how important it is to have companionship and meaningful interactions as you age. Isolation is dangerous for your brain and your body, and Silvernest is here to help prove the power of aging in place…with company. This innovative homesharing brand’s new website, updated product offering and new pricing structure are now LIVE, and I was honor to be a part of their creation.

Silvernest is now simpler than ever before. Homeowners can list their home and take advantage of all the helpful features for one low monthly price (no more picking between various plans). Everyone gets unlimited matching and messaging with potential housemates + all kinds of high-value benefits that hold your hand through the homesharing process from start to finish. 

And when I say you can “have it all,” I’m not screwing around. From a rent calculator to help you determine the best price for your home based on the local market, to a hassle-free lease creator, automatic rent collection tool, legal concierge (in rare cases of eviction) and Homeshare Harmony experts to answer questions and provide support, “all” is an understatement if I’ve ever written one.

I got to help the Silvernest team with the content strategy and copywriting for the front-end website, as well write the entire sign-up process once you decide to list your home. So if you have space to share, Silvernest is ready and rearing to help you fill it. After all, sharing homes isn’t just for college kids anymore.

In the Mood to Go Nude?

It’s here! It’s here! The new TrueTones collection from Pact has officially dropped and awaits your order on

You see, throwing shade has never been Pact’s style. But complimenting (and complementing) your true shade? They’re all over it. Pact is about all about positivity, and I’m 100% positive you’re going to love these intimates sets made with 100% organic cotton and tinted with individuality. Shop six cuts of under-there underwear and a wear-anywhere padded bra in four shades that are barely there, yet boldly you.

Get your own TrueTones set (or three) right here. Collection naming and copywriting by me. Awesome photos and design by the in-house Pact creative team.

(Images from and @wearpact on Instagram)

V-Day, Take 8.

Happiest of happy Valentine’s Days to you, your friends, your family, your pets, your neighbors, your co-workers, your casual acquaintances, your Uber driver, your Target checkout guy, your mail lady, your significant other, and that dude you saw last week who you thought you knew and you yelled, “Hey Dave!” and it totally wasn’t Dave.

I seriously can’t believe that this is the eighth year I’ve sent valentines to my clients and colleagues to hustle my way above the holiday fray. It seems like just yesterday I was hand-printing 18 cards to hand out to my first freelance contacts, and this year the list has grown to more than 400 people. This annual project is truly a labor of love, but every minute spent it is 100% worth it. I couldn’t do what I do without your support, so I hope you feel every bit of the heartfelt greetings that I send your way.

I’m terribly fawned of each and every one of you, and I hope your Valentine’s Day and 2019 are full of creativity, happiness and plenty of hugs that are juuuuuuuust long enough to not get weird.

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